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Privacy Policy
(last updated 27th June, 2018)
General information:
Aspire Accounting Professionals Pty Ltd understand that your
privacy and the confidentiality of the Information that you
provide to us is of utmost importance. Our Privacy Policy is set
out here so that you may understand how we use and protect
information about you and your business.
Collecting Personal Information:
We only collect personal information relevant to the functions
that we perform. The type of information collected by
Aspire Accounting Professionals in relation to individuals
depends on our relationship with you, but may include
information you give us when you engage our services or
request another service from us (such as when you respond to
an invitation or subscribe to a newsletter).
This information will generally include your name, address, tax
file number, date of birth and contact details.
Communications Between Us and You:
Where possible we will collect the information from you or from
someone authorised to act on your behalf.
Should you give us personal information about other individuals
(such as your referees) we rely on you to have obtained their
consent for you to do this. We also collect some information
from you when you use our website or social media sites via the
online enquiries form.
The only personal information which we collect about you in
these circumstances is what you tell us about yourself, for
example, by completing an online form when you subscribe to
a newsletter, or information you provide to us when you send
us an email.
We will record your email address if you send us an email.
Opting Out – News and Marketing:
From time to time we may use your personal information to
provide you with news or offers about products and services
available that may be of interest to you. At any time, if you no
longer wish to receive this material, please notify us and we will
remove your details from our contacts database.
Visitors to the Website or Social Media sites:
By submitting identifying data, a visitor to our website is
agreeing to Aspire Accounting Professionals’ use of such data
as described in this Privacy Policy.
Who has Access to Your Information?
Unless we are required to provide your information to others for
purposes of public safety and law enforcement, your
information will only be seen or used by persons working in or
on behalf of Aspire Accounting Professionals including
contracted service providers, or mailing houses and the
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand for
purposes of quality assurance review.
Security of Your Information:
We place utmost importance on the security and
confidentiality of the information we hold about you. We are
committed to preventing unauthorised access to, or disclosure,
misuse or loss of that information. Aspire Accounting
Professionals will not use or disclose personal information about
an individual other than for its primary purpose of collection,
unless the individual has consented to such use or disclosure,
Aspire Accounting Professionals have reason to suspect that
unlawful activity has been, or may be engaged in, and uses or
discloses the personal information as a necessary part of its
investigation of the matter or in reporting its concerns to
relevant persons or authorities, the use or disclosure is required
or authorised by or under law or Aspire Accounting
Professionals reasonably believe that the use or disclosure is
reasonably necessary for a specified purpose by or on behalf
of an enforcement body. Maintaining confidentiality and
security of client information is a fundamental element of the
firm’s culture.
Access and Accuracy of Your Personal Information:
In most cases, you can gain access to personal information
that we hold about you. We encourage all requests for access
to your personal information to be directed to the Privacy
Officer by email or by writing to the address below.
Aspire Accounting Professionals, on request, provide an
individual with access to their personal information. The time
frame and details for delivery is dependent upon the request,
and will be communicated with the individual. Generally, if you
request us to do so we will amend any personal information
about you held by us which is inaccurate, incomplete or out of
date. If we disagree with your view about the accuracy,
completeness or currency of a record of your personal
information held by us, and you ask us to associate with that
record a statement that you have a contrary view, we will take
reasonable steps to do so.
Privacy Complaints and Queries:
If you have complaints, concerns or queries regarding our
Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer by phone on
(03) 5981 9426 or by email at .
Postal enquiries can be delivered via:
PO Box 2100, ROSEBUD VIC 3939 or personally to
Shop 6 / 143 Point Nepean Road, DROMANA VIC 3936.
For more information about the privacy legislation or the
National Privacy Principles we recommend that you visit the
Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website at



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